Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blog is hibernating...

Unfortunately I have been so busy lately, that I don't have time for blogging/knitting/crafting. Therefore, I am putting the blog under hibernation until January or February, so that it is one less guilt-trip on my shoulders.

I will try to catch up with pictures etc over the holidays, but there will not be much new material to read.

Everyone have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm back!

Finally! We all seem to be on the mend, apart from a couple of lingering stuffy noses and aches and pains.

I have a few updates to make, and pictures will be added tomorrow. I got a second package from my secret pal, knitted up a baby sweater, did some fair isle mittens for Richard, and made my family's Christmukkah gifts. I also bought some stuff at a craft sale, but when I got home I realised that my own knitting and jewellery is nicer (to me) than a lot of the items at the sale, and I could make them for a fraction of the cost.

My secret pal is Lynette Jovanovski, visit her here. My husband loves the name!

I'll be back soon, I promise! I'll also be posting some Hannukah cookie recipes that I'll be making this week, I've been asked to provide a homemade cookie platter for lunch/early dinner next week, so that should be fun.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Blog has not been abandoned... All at 'Chez Moi' are sick sick sick... be back eventually...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My second SP11 package came today - and it's awesome!!! Awesome!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The end of a busy week, and the start of a new one.

This weekend saw the 2nd birthday celebration of our wonderful little monster, Richard. Although his actual birthday is the 22nd, we celebrated on Saturday so that our friends would be able to celebrate with us.

We decided two 'parties' would be appropriate (last year he had 3 official parties plus extra!) so that we could have a party for kids at Gymboree, then one for the adults that wouldn't really be comfortable running around at crazy-kid central. We had the lunch first, very generously catered by Matt's dad, even though we got all our wires crossed about a cake and I saved the day by reserving the cupcakes i had in the car and making a cake out of those instead.

Richard got some amazing gifts that I HAVE to mention, and will take pictures of later. I remember in school having this toy (similar idea to legos, but it looked like the pieces had lots of 'villi' on them, and that's what they connected with). I'll try to find the name of it later, I can't find it via Google. I almost cried at this toy, I loved playing with these when I was little and I know Richard will love them too.
He also got his very own, working, toddler shaped digital camera. It holds 1000 pictures (I think they are 0.3megapixels) and connects via USB for uploading to the computer.
Richard has taken some amazing pictures with it (which I will also upload later) and I'm so pleased. The giver also thought ahead and purchased us some rechargeable AAA batteries and a charger, which we have already had to use twice.

More to come later. Right now, I have some groceries to go collect in the car.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Warning - this is going to be a VERY LONG post.

There are so many things I've forgotten to blog about lately. A while ago I got my first package from my first ever Secret Pal, and I feel awful that I haven't blogged about this yet. It's taken me a long time (and some camera card formatting to get space for more pictures) to get around to this.

Firstly, my secret pal has been great. She's been really prompt with packages and with getting in touch, and her e-cards always put a smile on my face. I received the first package weeks ago and she's been really patient waiting for her acknowledgement. She also has great taste in yarn - what she sent me is exactly the same yarn i had just purchased in a ton of colours a couple weeks before, so I'm really excited that I now have more of it.

My first package contained this:

I'm sure some of you will recognise KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (colourway: Black Cherry Heather) and some Peruvian Highland Wool in a deep, muted blue heathered colourway. I also received a Susan Bates 'KnitChek', which my little guy keeps trying to claim as his own (to add to the pile of notions he plays with). I really couldn't be happier with my package, and I think the wool is destined to become an entrelac scarf for myself or my mother-in-law. Thank you so much, SP!

Yes, I did say entrelac. I finally got it! I started with a tutorial found on 'The YarnPath' and it is explained really well there, so once I felt like I had the hang of it I closed the computer and tried it by myself, and lo and behold - I was doing it! I'm really happy, it felt like entrelac was going to be my hurdle, as I've been trying it for a long time and only now get it.

The yarn I was using is Lily Sugar n' Cream stripes, leftovers from a dishcloth I made. Word of warning: the red in this colourway runs awfully! Note the 'before' white in the above picture, and the 'after':

I am so glad I didn't chuck this in with my normal laundry like I usually do!

My computer is acting up and threatening to turn itself off again. I just had my 22nd birthday and my husband wanted to take me shopping for something nice to wear, but I managed to convince him that what I really needed was a ball winder. Off we went to Romni Wools, which, I was a little disappointed to learn, only has one kind of ball winder in stock. But I got it and have been winding balls for the past few days. It's a lot of fun, and I can now knit with yarn that I felt I would never get to use. Like the 1600yards of laceweight acrylic my Mother-in-law gave me. Winding up 880yds was painful, so I couldn't even imagine winding the larger ball.

The last major thing I wanted to blog about was that I won some more yarn! On Bezzie's blog
she has been giving away a monthly prize of yarn, and September's was 2 skeins of Mirasol Hacho in colour 306, "Deep Blue Ocean". I hijacked a picture:

and made it huge so you could see the wonderful colours. It's possibly the most beautiful yarns I have ever knit with, and I wasted no time doing this
so that I could knit with it this afternoon. I was thinking socks, but there are two skeins of green Koigu KPPPM in my stash and putting them together might make a nice Jaywalker-style scarf - I think.

Monday, October 8, 2007

I've been procrastinating...

I have been severely procrastinating on my chores lately. Even knitting has become a chore, since I tired my brain out by knitting for two full, 8am-5am the next day, days. I was knitting a small, scarf width clapotis. It was a gift for my husband's great-aunt, who was turning 90 years old. I had been knitting 'swatches' - getting about 4 inches into a scarf then stopping - for a couple of months, trying to find the right yarn for the right pattern, until I had a week left. I started knitting Clapotis on the Sunday evening, and by the time Wednesday evening had come around, I had only just gotten to about 85 stitches on the increase rows. I decided that would have to do and started on the straight rows. That night I stayed up until around 3am, although I did fall asleep for half an hour. In the morning I woke up at 8am and started all over again, literally knitting for 21 hours before going to bed. And Friday was the same, except I spent 9 hours of that day on the bus to Montreal. I got in at 11pm and was STILL knitting until just after 1am, when i finished that darned scarf!

Downside is, I was hoping to have made a matching hat too...

I'm also just super mentally tired a lot these days. I seem to have days where I have something on constantly (Gymboree to working at my aunt's, then over to a weekly appointment). The annoying part is that I only have about 15 minutes spare in between whatever i'm doing that day, because with travelling, I really have no time at all.

And monkey-boy is shouting for attention again. Gotta go.